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We Thank You for your decision to provide Teena’s Pride ultra-fresh and highly nutritious greens and vegetables to your patrons.

Many of South Florida’s finest culinary establishments serve Teena’s Pride locally and sustainably grown heirloom produce and Teena’s Pride fresh herbs during the November to April South Florida growing season.

We, on our food safety certified farm, are committed to providing chefs and restaurants with our Teena’s Pride brand finest produce:

  • Heirloom and Vine-Ripe tomatoes,
  • Salad Greens
  • Assorted Herbs and Vegetables
  • Micro Greens
  • Edible Flowers and Squash Blossoms
  • Custom and Special Requests!

This season’s newest farm products: our wheat grass, sunflower sprouts, and micro greens are grown completely pesticide free!

During our farming season we welcome all chefs to tour our farm and taste test our fresh produce.
Call Teena or Michael at 305-216-2336 for a personally guided tour.

What will Teena’s Pride produce mean to your customers?

  • Your menu that offers delicious, nutritious, and ultra-fresh produce
  • Knowledge of your support of a local farmer
  • Awareness you contribute to a smaller carbon footprint
  • Confidence that you know your Farmer

Please use our Chef’s Sign Up form to contact us!

MichaelBorekEmeril LagasseMarch2013 .


Chef and Celebrity Host Emeril Lagasse toured South Florida for his Cooking Channel’s Emeril’s Florida. Lagasse told Visit FloridaThe show is about what this great state offers. So it’s not just about cooking, it’s not just restaurants, although that’s a nice chunk of it. But it’s about the beaches, it’s about fishing, it’s about farming, it’s about the agriculture.”

Emeril Lagasse, celebrity chef, restauranteur, television personality, and cookbook author, visits our family farm and walks through an heirloom tomato hydroponic greenhouse with grower, Michael Borek.






Grower, Michael Borek(left), and Chef Michael Schwartz(right), 
owner of Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink, a nationally renowned chef, and a recipient of the coveted James Beard Award of Best Chef of the South.






chefcorner-schwartz  .

“Michael Borek is my kind of grower. He’ll plant pretty much anything for you and is always experimenting with new things, like keeping his own bees. You want baby spring mix, and he’s out there the next day cutting it young for you. It’s pretty much a restaurant’s dream.

We regularly source ripe colorful heirlooms and lots and lots of herbs. Where else can you get thick bunches of fresh tarragon down here? We love using the flowers in salads and pretty much everywhere else on the menu, including dessert.”
- Chef Michael Schwartz, Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink 





“This past season I received so many compliments from our restaurant patrons about the amazing tomatoes, herbs and lettuces Teena’s Pride Produce grows for Ocean Reef Club. The growers, Teena and Michael Borek, are real people. The superb quality of produce they grow is a direct result of the love they have for their craft.

Every time I tour Teena’sPride greenhouses and Michael Borek Farms with all our Ocean Reef Club Chefs, I am amazed at how clean the farm is and how much they care for the environment.”
- Chef Phillipe Reynaud, Sr. Director of Culinary Operation Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo, FL




“It has been our pleasure and privilege to offer the amazing quality of Teenaspride products for over 20 years! Each year has been better than the one before and now, working alongside my son Justin, we are doing more with Teena’s Pride than ever.”

- Chef Norman Van Aken of Norman’s 180 Coral Gables, FL




AaronOpenHouse“Teena and Michael’s produce is simply amazing. I was excited to discover their product a couple years back when I toured the farm, shortly after moving to Miami. As soon as I spoke to Teena and tried the tomatoes and herbs I knew they needed a strong showing on EDGE’s menu.

It’s a true pleasure to work with them and be able to showcase their product on our menus. When our guests taste the herbs, tomatoes or veggies that come from the farm they are simply blown away with how tasty the product is.

I have also been blessed to be able to attend a couple of the open houses. Walking through the green houses trying all the different stuff with my kids is just awesome. Educating tomorrow’s Chefs is our future.”
- Chef Aaron Brooks, Executive Chef, Four Season Hotel Miami, Miami, FL




Julie in her garden
“I always joke around with our guests that Teena’s Pride produce makes my job as a chef too easy!
It all starts with the ingredients, and the care that goes into creating great tasting, high quality produce. When I have these amazing ingredients to work with, I don’t need to do too much to them- I mainly strive just to provide them to guests in a way that showcases their true nature and flavors. As a chef, using this amazing produce, my job becomes more about highlighting the natural product and working the flavors to marry and compliment one another, rather than having to change or tweak them or mask them too much.

I have so much appreciation for Teena and Michael, and their whole team, for continuing to put amazing farm produce at arms reach for us chefs in Miami, and to the customers through the CSA program, making it possible to really bring farm-to-table cooking to this region. ”
- Chef Julie Frans, Signature Chef/Culinary Concepts, Essensia Restaurant, Miami Beach, FL


Paulette PhotoStyle
I have had the opportunity on many occasions to feature the amazing vegetables/tomatoes from Teena’s Pride and the Michael Borek Farm during cooking demonstrations throughout Dade County. There is an overwhelming consensus from my audiences that the freshness and flavor of these vegetables make you want to buy local/sustainable produce each and everyday!

Monthly farm tours, farmers markets, restaurant delivery and local groceries making this produce available are only a few ways this produce reaches our tables, I encourage everyone to support our local farmers! Without these farms we will loose our ability to choose what foods we eat. Thanks Teena, Michael and all those who work and support the farm!
- Chef Paulette Bilsky, Culinary Consultant & Personal Chef, Home Show Management Corp. Coral Gables, FL

CherylMartin“Teena’s Pride has by far the most amazing vegetables, heirloom tomatoes and herbs in Homestead! I love that they offer CSA to the local Keys Community and fresh product to us Chefs! I love creating beautiful salads with their fresh greens, radishes, tomatoes and herbs!

They would be a great asset to any restaurant or catering company who takes an interest in farm to table food! What could be better?”
- Chef Cheryl Martin, A Little Tast of The Keys, Catering Services, Key Largo, FL



amberantonelli with Kale“It is such an honor to be able to showcase the ‘art’ that hails from Teena’s Pride…it makes the creative and cooking aspect a breeze when you are presented with such thoughtful quality ingredients that are harvested just days ago (if not hours) right from the farm. Not only is the produce incredible but their community evolvement and willingness to give back and spread the awareness of eating fresh and supporting local is impressive. The passion that the Boreks bring to this business is unparalleled and we are so fortunate to reap the benefits of their work!”
- Chef Amber Antonelli, Cooking Classes & Conscious Culinary Services, Coconut Grove, FL


29__220x140_chefcorner-brana“I have been enjoying Teena’s Pride produce since the days when I used to hand-select tomatoes and squash from under a pole shed at the old farm to serve to guests that night. Today, now under Michael Borek, the diversity of the products and the continued commitment to sustainability and the stewardship of our farmland in South Florida, not to mention the outright deliciousness of everything from a delicate lettuce to a fist size tomato, make me feel just as fortunate to be able to serve it now as I did then.”
- Chef Jeffrey Brana, Brana Food Group, Coral Gables, FL



“I can’t think of a better way to teach my students about the benefits of ‘locally grown’ vegetables than by taking them on a tour of Michael Borek Farms. The Robert Morgan Ed. Center culinary arts class is the beneficiary of the Borek family’s commitment to teaching young people about the benefits of locally grown, sustainable agriculture. My students get to smell, pick, taste and appreciate truly fresh herbs and vegetables. Thank you Teena and Michael!”
- Paul Galadza C.E.C., Robert Morgan Educational Center – Culinary Arts, Miami FL




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